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Wood Duck Box Program

    In 2000, we began constructing and mounting wood duck nesting boxes in New Hanover, Brunswick, & Pender Counties.  We the help of the Southeastern Waterfowl Association of North Carolina, 25 boxes were installed and about half of the boxes actually produce chicks. This year, we will build & mount 50-75 boxes as well as maintain the boxes already mounted, by replenishing the nesting material this winter.

Holly Shelter Lodge Road Duck Impoundment

    In 2001, our committee decided to show up at the NC Wildlife Resources Commission public meeting in Elizabethtown.  Our aim was to persuade the state to restore and replinish the Lodge Road Duck Impoundment in the Holly Shelter Game Land in Pender County.  With great success, the state now plants and manages the impoundment every year.  Duck populations in this area on now on the rise, and it promises to become a great place for migrating waterfowl to rest and feed for the long flight south. Big thanks go out to Vic French & Tommy Hughes of the NCWRC for all of their support in making this dream a reality.

Youth Waterfowl Hunt

    We are planning to help the NCWRC put on a youth waterfowl day at the Suggs Mill Pond Waterfowl Impoundment at the end of January, 2004 on NC Youth Waterfowl Day.  Activities will include a youth waterfowl hunt, a course in Hunter Safety, and a course in waterfowl indentification.  Volunteers from the NCWRC including Wildlife Officers, Biologist and committee members from our Delta Chapter will help put this event on.  We are in the early stages on proposal and planning for this event, and details should be available in about a month or two.  See next years NC Wildlife Regulations Digest for this special opportunity hunt. Email us at...      for more information.

This website was created and is maintained by committee members from the Delta Waterfowl Chapter of Southeastern North Carolina.